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  • Contributions made by our sponsors, well-wishers, investors, contributors or individual donors will impact many students over the years.
  • If an individual student is sponsored for his unique entrepreneurial invention, by a Sponsor Mr. Smith, Step2StepUp will invest this amount in the equipment, tools, motivational process, additional skills needed, mentorship, etc., to novitiate him into a successful entrepreneur.
  • The duration to complete the entrepreneurial process will differ from student to student based upon his inventive project.
  • The amount of investment needed to bring to reality a student’s dream, will also differ from student to student and project to project.
  • If we need 6 months to get an individual student A, situated as a full-fledged entrepreneur and Step2StepUp has invested $3,000 in this student A. which was sponsored as an example by Mr. Smith, and once the student has doubled the profits to $6,000 in his entrepreneurial business, the student returns the original investment of $3,000 back to Step2StepUp. This means that the $3,000 originally contributed by Mr. Smith, which was returned by the Student A, after doubling his profits, and becoming a successful entrepreneur, can again be reinvested in another Student B.
  • Mr. Smith’s ONE-TIME contribution of $3,000 can go a long way and help many more students in the life time. What a blessing it is to continue helping more and more students as we go along, when you have invested only once. Your contribution will continuously keep rotating and you will be able to see the progress and results, at each annual function.
  • A record of your sponsorship investment in students and their entrepreneurial inventions, will be available on our website for you to access.
  • We may have to combine more than one investor for an individual student, who’s project may be more complicated or needs more funds for his equipment or other necessities to get him started.
  • Unlike most non-profit organizations, 75% of the sponsorships will be invested in the student project and 25% will be utilized for administrative purposes.