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“The source of all creation is divinity.”


Regional Vice President

S. Pacific Region

Chair – Women’s Task Force – 2017/2018


Founding President

Inland Empire Chapter



Chair 2014

President 2013


Executive Coordinator


Cultural Chair



Event Coordinator


Executive Coordinator

Cultural Chair


Executive Coordinator

Step2StepUp INC.



Youth Organization


Meet Ms. Vasu Pawar

In 1976, I entered the “promised land” of the US, with a Masters in English Literature, Bachelors in Education and in Computer Science, and a thorough imagination of what my path should be. My dream was to reach an unimagined destination, with goals, which I had treasured for the future. The life of a new immigrant was a struggle and very soon it led me through the challenging journey from a well-to-do, dependent lifestyle, to an independent and self-sufficient one. Somehow, destiny helps transform positive intentions to reality.

As I climbed the corporate ladder, working with large corporations, such as John Richard of California, Inc., Christina Grant, Inc., as the systems analyst, and then an unpredicted opportunity to transition into finance. My time with these companies changed my whole perspective in life, bringing financial security and the power to accepting many challenges that came my way. My natural curiosity and willingness to work hard, led me to excel at other large corporations, including Mckibben Screen Printing, Thornwater International, Century Machinery Company Inc., where I got a chance as the finance controller to lead each of these companies to a huge financial gain.

Throughout my years of climbing the corporate ladder, I found that I felt happiest when I was giving back. For the past 15 years I have spent tremendous amount of time, serving the community, and supporting as many organizations as I possibly could. During this time, I kept seeing a significant gap in services for youth and that we have failed to provide our children with realistic steps towards their future goals. In 2016, I created “Step2StepUp Inc.” to encourage youth to develop an entrepreneurial mind.

We are open to diverse communities and socio-economic levels to help our students become self-sufficient and in turn help our target population, which includes, but is not limited to military veterans, homeless, those with limited physical abilities and those with family structures not conducive to success. Our plan is to open chapters in all major cities, colleges and universities, making Step2StepUp Inc., the biggest and most reputable, creative youth organization established. Ultimately, I wish to connect our Indian-American youth, with the mainstream avenues and career paths, to exchange ideas, benefits and goals in this collaboration.

ORGANIZATIONS – My involvement

In Southern California Community, I am involved with several organizations for the past 15 years, with a purpose to give back to the community.

NFIA (National Federation of Indian American Associations), where I served as the Chair for Women’s Task Force, and was the Convener, successfully doing the First Women’s Conference in S. California in 2017. I have been appointed RVP (Regional Vice President), South Pacific Region for 2019-2020, covering California and Nevada.

GOPIO-IE (Global Organization of People of Indian Origin, Inland Empire Chapter). Being the Founding President since 2016, I have actively participated in organizing numerous events, including candlelight vigils, Valentine’s Day Dinners, Patriotic, Cultural and Charity Events, Consular Camps and Services, health fairs, World Refugee Day, Women’s International Day, Senior Heritage Events, Pratham Gala, TIE-Southern California Business Trade Fairs & Technology Events throughout the year.

UFICA (United Federation of Indo-Americans of California), an organization being patriotically inclined, celebrates India Independence Day and India Republic Day each year since 2006. I had the opportunity to serve as the President in 2013, bringing a unanimous community crowd of approximately 15,000 (Fifteen-thousand) with Priyanka Chopra as the Grand Marshall. Also served as the Chair Person in 2014 and Secretary for 2 years prior to that.

IAHF (Indian American Heritage Foundation), which presents scholarships for High School and Middle School Graduates for the past 33 years. I have been proud to serve on the Executive Team, Coordinating, being a Judge, Cultural Chair, Emcee, for the past many years.

RAOA (Rajput Association of America), a Family-Oriented, organization, celebrating Diwali, Picnics and serving the homeless, educating the community with fire hazards, health seminars etc. I am happy to serve them as the Event Coordinator for many years.

RPBD-LA (Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, Los Angeles). In 2015 I had the opportunity to be the only woman on the Executive Coordination Committee and the Cultural Chair for RPBD-LA Convention, a very successful event, launching Business Trade with India, held for the first time in the U.S. at the Bono Venture Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, working very closely with Hon. Consul General of India, Hon. Venkatesan Ashok and Deputy Consul General of India, Hon. Dr. Srinivasa. This event was an important collaboration of many organizations in S. California and included many dignitaries of note.

SMAP (Shivaji Maharaj American Parivar) established in 2018, with an objective to practice the principles of the great hero in the 1600 century and beliefs of “Hindavi Swaraj’, Liberty, Justice, Equality for all, a merit-based society of the people, for the people and by the people. It gives me great pleasure to serve as the Executive Coordinator.

SAPNA (South Asian Professional Networking Association) created to connect our youth from Professional, Personal, and Educational stand point. As the CEO/Founder, I would like to tap the mainstream view.

I believe that “The Source of All Creation is Divinity”