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Step2StepUp is a non-profit organization with a strategy to encourage high school and college level students to recognize, their capabilities, direct their sharp minds to invent projects, create business ideas with their unlimited capacity for creativity. Step2StepUp will encourage these ideas, by honing available skills, educate to fill in gaps, mentor through our unique mentor partnerships and bring out the best in each entrepreneur, as we assist them to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Our financial support comes through sponsors, contributions, from corporations, non-profit organizations, fortune 500 companies, philanthropists, institutions and individuals supporting their entrepreneurial dreams. We help connect with venture capitalists to invest in projects or business ideas, of our entrepreneurs.

  • Motivate students to complete high school and college education in their field of interest, by helping them see the next step in successful entrepreneurship.
  • Provide students with knowledge, skills, expertise, equipment, accessories, and tools, etc. to accomplish their goal, develop additional skills needed, train them, mentor them, and make them outstanding speakers, and successful businessmen or businesswomen.
  • Create motivational programs and seminars, through young successful entrepreneurs who will share their success stories as entrepreneurs. Connect with institutions that focus on motivational programs and trade schools, which can participate in teaching skills and helping students gain perfection in their entrepreneurial projects.
  • Include educational institutions, high schools, colleges and universities to promote the Step2StepUp concept of entrepreneurships.
  • Connect with retired professionals with expertise, to train our students with gaps in education, knowledge or skills to assist them in accomplishing entrepreneurial goals.
  • Pay it Forward! Once our young students have become successful entrepreneurs, and doubled the investments made by Step2StepUp in the student, it is the obligation of the student to pay back the investments to Step2StepUp organization so more students can take advantage of this strategy.
    1. If Step2StepUp organization has invested $5,000 to make a student a successful entrepreneur, and once he has doubled his profit amount to $10,000, the student returns the $5,000 to Step2StepUp, initially invested by Step2StepUp in him.
    2. Each student also donates $200 to Step2StepUp, as a personal contribution to Step2StepUp Organization to help other students in their future.


Inspire something big.


Educate, Mentor and motivate every "step" of the way.


The youth, Community and educational instituitions
to be part of the idea and partner with the team.


Pay it forward and help youth increase their circle of influence.


  • Education as a lifetime investment:
    1. Make education fun to encourage youth to complete high school/college
    2. Help our students comprehend that entrepreneurship helps achieve personal dreams come true, live self-sufficient and independent lives.
    3. Successful graduates find a career after graduation, rather than face the tedium of student loan debt throughout life.
  • Involve educational institutions:
    1. Recognize talents, expertise and abilities of students.
    2. Promote Step2StepUp entrepreneurial strategy and program in every high school, college and university, to change the current educational system, which has limited benefits to students upon graduation.
  • Personal development for entrepreneurs:
    1. Develop interpersonal skills by respecting/assisting others
    2. Experience success to feel confidence, loved, appreciated and recognized, especially for those from homes, which are not conducive to success.
    3. Students who are engaged in bringing their entrepreneurial dreams to reality, are busy with success, rather than involved in school shootings, suicidal thoughts, depression, and live substance abusive-free lives.
  • Community benefits:
    1. Student success is a “step” to eradicate poverty in the community.
    2. Helps create jobs for under-utilized members of the community, such as veterans, homeless and physically challenged.
  • Access to success:
    1. Connect our entrepreneurs to venture capitalists to invest in outstanding entrepreneurial projects and ideas and take their inventions to the next level.
      1. See the possibility of success.
      2. A place to start – new entrepreneurs often do not have access to funding. We connect them with those who have done it before and have a vested interest in funding the new project to fruition.


We are open to diverse communities and socio-economic levels to help our students become self-sufficient and in turn help our target population which includes, but is not limited to military veterans, homeless, those with limited physical abilities and those with family structures not conducive to success.